Direct Mail

Goodbye, inbox. Hello, mailbox.

Did you know studies show:

  • 60% of online searches are conducted because of print marketing, including Direct Mail advertising, flyers and catalogs.
  • ·Direct Mail influences 76% of internet users to BUY A PRODUCT OR SERVICE ONLINE. 
  • 56% of customers find PRINT MARKETING such as Direct mail to be the most trustworthy of marketing.
  • 70% of people surveyed say receiving mail is more personal than the internet.
  • 73% of Consumers say they PREFER DIRET MAIL FOR BRAND COMMUNICATIONS because they can read it at their leisure.  

Traditional direct mail targets a specific demographic. You can use it to send brochures, flyers, and postcards to a mailing list that consists of people that fit your target age, gender, income, and other variables.

A properly run direct mail program with a strong call to action is a great way to advertise. Minuteman Press has the equipment and experience necessary to help your mailing project succeed. Whether you want to reach a precise group or a specific territory, we have the data resources to handle it. If you have a mailing list, we can incorporate it into a mailing piece for you. We use postal-approved software to cost-effectively mail your materials. And if you want to kick it up a notch, you can customize your direct mail pieces for each individual with variable data printing. 

Minuteman Press Castel Rock is your one stop shop for all direct mailing needs and as part of the New Print Industry we provide so much more including:


It all starts with the design.  While a picture may be worth a thousand words, graphic design can be worth thousands of dollars to your business. And we have the expertise to design an appealing postcard, flyer or brochure that includes a strong call to action that will have an IMPACT!


Our mission is to make it easy for you!  We take care of everything; from acquiring the list to delivering the pieces to the post office, while you focus on running your business.

Informed Delivery

Also included in our Direct Mail program is the set up of Informed Delivery, which is a service provided by the United States Postal Service where consumers can digitally preview their mail.  The user can also click on the link and be taken to a landing page, that we can set up for you.  Even better since the email comes from the USPS the open rate on these emails are over 73%!  You will

  • Know exactly how many people checking their mail digitally.
  • Increase your impressions with a ride along image with your gray scale image of your scanned piece.
  • Get traffic to your webize before an individual even gets home to see the tangible piece.

Social Media

Since 80% of sales occur between the 8th and 12th touch we will provide you with an image that you can use on your social media page and website so you have a similar message and look and feel in all of your channels.  In addition, we can also run your social media program if you want.

Landing page

We can also create a landing page that you can use to drive people to from your direct mail piece using a QR Code.  These have been shown to be highly effective getting people to your website. 

Call Tracking

Another optional piece is call tracking that:

  • Tracks the effectiveness of your campaign without human error;
  • Use a tracking number so every call that comes in is a direct result of your campaign.
  • Listen to recorded calls
  • Refer recorded calls for training and quality assurance.

Online follow up with Google Display network. 

When they visit your website or landing page from your mailing receives a “cookie” via Google so that your ads follow them as they browse other sites.

Social Media follow up

Another value-added service is website visitors will receive a cookie on the FaceBook and Instagram profile so they will see your ad on their newsfeed on any device once they are logged-in. 

So give us a call 303.688.5692 to find out more or complete the information below and one of our Direct Mail experts will give you a call to see how we can help.

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Direct Mail

Bridge your customers' offline world with your online presence when you send professionally designed direct mail pieces that scream "open me!"